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My System Specs

Default Corsair H100i mini review

I picked up a Corsair H100i to replace my Noctua NH-D14 with the intention of gaining easier access to my motherboard. I also was hoping to reduce temperatures while folding but, if I could match the Noctua temps, I would be happy. The H100i has included the SP120L fans & the link cable that in previous versions had to be purchased separately.

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This was getting installed in my CM Storm Trooper case.
-3930K @ 4.6ghz
-Evga 560Ti2WIN
-16gb GSkill Ares ram
-CM Storm Trooper case
-Sandisk 240gb Extreme ssd

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As you can see I added a third Noctua NF-F12 PWM 120mm fan in an effort to get cpu temps down further, but it didn't make a noticeable difference. With the Noctua, fans must come out to get at the ram and tall heatspreaders are a no-no.

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Top 200 mm fan comes out and the rad fits perfectly in the space.

When installing the fans to rad & rad to case, I noticed that the included screws are too long & will bend fins if screwed in all the way. Maybe they are that length to support wider fans but that is not mentioned in the instructions. I spaced out the screws with washers to prevent damage. Not the most sanitary looking, I will keep my eyes open for suitable replacements.

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The temps were recorded in a closed case with 1 x smp client & 2 x gpu clients folding. I should also mention the gpu dumps the hot air in the case. As you can see, the Corsair dropped overall temps compared to the Noctua. The temps for the Corsair were recorded under the same conditions the Noctua was subjected to. The Corsair is a little louder than the Noctua when the fans are at full chat but I will be replacing 4 x case fans & 2 x rad fans in the future with GT 1850's to see if I can quiet things down a bit.

The Noctua was remounted several times using Noctua NT-H1 paste and the Corsair was mounted with the pre-applied paste which rumor has it, is Shin-Etsu paste. The Corsair link is informative and configurable but I have not had the chance to tweak it much yet.The Noctua is good kit but I have to admit the Corsair is better and I think it is worth the dollars spent.

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