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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Avenger212 View Post
I just bought an ordinary external drive and used Disk Utility to format the drive to Mac's file system. (I think Mac OS Extended, like exfat, NTFS but for Mac) I don't think you need a Mac certified drive for time machine just a dedicated HDD that you can format to Apple's file system.
This. When I was running Mac OS 10.5 I just used a Seagate 7200.something, same as my boot drive. It is just a drive.

Originally Posted by Birk View Post
or does Mac do some
Also, guys, I know this seems silly but please do not mix up the company name with the product.
The company is Apple. the product is Macintosh, or shortened to Mac. Apple has been known to do some stupid shit to the RAM in older systems, or rather uses some stupid shit. Like in many of the mid-late 90s PowerMacs with PPC603 and PPC604 CPUs they used 168pin 5v DIMMs while in some older machines(PPC601, m68k) they used more normal 72pin and 30pin RAM found in PCs. But since the G3 line they started using 168pin 3.3v SDRAM moving along to DDR1/DDR2/etc. They have been using normal common things except certain Mac Pros that require FB-DIMMs, but similar sorts of PCs used that RAM as well.

The other issue is that PPC and EFI machines require a different firmware on graphics cards or bootable disk controllers. So there are flashing experiments going on in that area. :P

And, for anyone curious the file system name(unless something changed recnetly) is HFSJ(idk year) a journaled version of HFS+(from 1998ish), that is based on HFS(Hierarchical File System).. that is REALLY REALLY old.(mid-80s)

But people normally still say HFS+ even if it is journaled. *shrug*

I am not sure where I am now going with this. Good spot to end and run away.

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