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My System Specs


Cut one,i'm not sure,but of course,the sysfan 1,2,3 or more are for the case fans,and they are all 3 pin connectors,

Don't worry,they are made for that,all PC fans are 12v i think,never seen fans that are not 12 volts.Just plug your fan in the 3 pin connector,it's made for that,for 12v fans,anyway, it's like the ATX standard : case + motherboard ,always holes for screws,it's the same with fans,any PC fan will work in a 3 pin connector, just plug it, it won't explode :D i have done that yesterday,so.... and i'm still alive

I'm afraid i don't know what do you mean by splitter,a fan should have 2wires that go in a 3pin female connector.

Edit:ok i didn't know splitters like that did exist,but it's exactly the same,anyway,it's a 3pin,it does not change anything,use it.

Anyway,if you were right, the result would be that the fans just would not start because of not enough power,would not damage anything,but if they made splitters like that,Don't worry it will work.Anyway,the 3pin connectors are the same on any mobo you can find today,same power.

If you are still afraid,i can understand that, just plug the splitter in a turned on computer,then plug a fan,and the other

Btw you are lucky to have a splitter,must be high end fans,because it only uses 1 connector so you can plug more fans! Great stuff!

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