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My System Specs


After searching info on aftermarket cooling, it turns out that both the Gelid Icy Vision Rev.2 and the Zalman VF3000F are not compatible with the EVGA HD cards. The problem is the 2nd DVI port is in the way. The only compatible coolers I could find are the Arctic Accelero Twin Turbo II or the Xtreme Plus III. I really like the Xtreme Plus cooler (3 Fans), but it's so large that it won't fit inside my case, so I went ahead and ordered a Twin Turbo II. Even though this cooler has 2 fans, it should be much more silent than the stock EVGA single fan cooler, as well as much more effective at cooling the card. (I'll find out soon)
While I'm waiting for them to arrive, (they should be here tomorrow), I went ahead and overclocked my cards. I increased the Core Clock by 77MHz to 809MHz, Memory Clock from 1900MHz to 2002MHz, and Voltage from 0.963V to 1.013V. Everything seems stable. I played Borderlands 2 (all maximum settings) for a few hours, and ran 3DMark11 a couple of times with no problems. The max temperature I reached was 79C on the top card, 70C on bottom card. Hopefully those temps will get down to the 60's once I install the new coolers. As far as running my cards at 97C, that only happened for a total of 45min. The cards are still fairly new, so I don't think I caused too much damage.

Edit: I lowered the voltage to 1.000V. Same clock speeds on both core & memory. (809/2002) Stability seems perfectly fine, and 3DMark11 scores were almost identical from the previous voltage settings. My temperature did however come down to 76C top / 68C bottom. I'm pretty happy with these settings, I'll let you know how the coolers perform once I install them.

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