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My System Specs


Yep,original standoffs,i think it's my case,it's a 40$ case.. Advance turboost.
Yeah sorry,they are very similar ^^ i forgot that difference when i linked :/

It's a bad idea because of static electricity?

I also noticed something,my motherboard uses screws but also plastic pins to attach it to the case, and the plastic pins are not that tight,so maybe there is no bend at all,and the motherboard is just a bit higher on one side, around 5 screws and 2 plastic pins for the 2 corners of the HDD side.

I don't know for you,but for my mobo i have 2 standoffs that are not high at all.Maybe 5mm

I have seen other guys who have this problem,others say that's it's not a problem if you don't have too much bend on the mobo, i almost have no bend...

I think your board is just more high end..

Wait,i checked,i have around six golden 7mm standoffs for all the screws of my board,and 2 standoffs in the board to prevent it from touhing vital parts,but my mobo is 7mm higher than the back panel,maybe it's not touching the board actually !? but i think that it does, even if the 7mm standoffs are quite as high as the plate.

Ok,even if it touches,i saw a guy saying : your chassis is already grounded thanks to the spacers ,is that true?

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