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My System Specs

Default A10 5800K on an FM2 Asus Board

I guess my cooler is the opposite of low profile. What are the benefits of going LPH?

Mine just fits into my case and I did have to take the tube off of the side panel that directs the air flow from the CPU to the outside of the case. I could not have used high fin RAM and a RAM cooler fan would be tricky to install.

My "hi" profile cooler does keep my system cool (circa 32/33 C). There are four 120mm fans in the case, plus two GPU fans and a PSU fan, and most of the time my system is darn near silent (except during boot up before the fan control systems kick in). It is a Cooler Master 212 Plus with extra fan - and although it did not specify the FM2 socket on the box, it fit without any problems or so I was told because I opted for the installation of the chip, cooler & ram when I bought the board and the main components - cost me $15 and I didn't have to buy the Arctic Silver ($12) so the installation and testing of these components at the shop before I took it home net cost was only $3.00. (That was a Memory Express if anyone was wondering)


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