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My System Specs


Why not wait for the Dell U3011 to go on sale? It goes on sale for $1099.00 in good ole' Canada fairly regularly. It happened recently, and I would consider that a far better screen than the DoubleSight.

Samsung's 305T was an under-rated screen by FAR.

It had standard gamut panel, which is more usable than wide gamut IPS stuff with inaccurate colors outside of color managed apps. No white glow at close up and a much more sane anti-glare with a great in-between of glare reduction and graininess. It also was near the end of Samsung's S-PVA development cycle, so it had good pixel response time and low input lag (due to no scaler and requirement of dual-link DVI). Only dark on dark transitions showed a bit of smearing.

I may be wrong, but I don't remember the 305T blowing caps, it was the Gateway XHD3000, which used the same panel. There were numerous threads with instructions on replacing the caps for these in different forums.

Doublesight had a hit on their hands with the A-TW polarized DS-263 and then followed it up with a downgrade, the DS-265 which didn't have a properly working back-light control or A-TW polarizer, so it was using maximum power and giving minimum contrast. I'd probably avoid the 307w.

Xeven: How about 10^8.450980400142567e-001 -as a possible replacement for "10e"
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