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Originally Posted by moocow View Post
TM certified drive? First time hearing about that (not being a dick, just never heard of it). I got a Hackintosh with a regular 500MB external USB drive that I put together and TM comes up asking if I want to use it for TM....
Yeah my bad on the wording. The issue with my Wife's MacBook Pro was that Time Machine (at the time) wouldn't work with network drives; such as the My Book World (NAS) that she was using. What was strange is that while booted in the OS, I could see the drive and Time Machine could backup to it no problem. But when I went to restore the backup using the OS disk, the setup gave an error message that it couldn't use the WD NAS disk to restore a backup. I can't recall the exact error message, but I made it sound like you have to use an actual Apple Time Machine drive - not just any NAS drive. Again my bad on how I phrased it.

To get around this, I had to run this terminal command:

defaults write TMShowUnsupportedNetworkVolumes 1
More info here: Time Machine on a network drive

After that, the OS setup was able to let me restore the backup.
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