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My System Specs


Well no, the metal part is not screwed or anything,it's a sort of backplate,but smaller: 2x3 cm,and its in the motherboard,can't pull it off,no screws,its stuck,it's part of the motherboard.and there is my backplate,that i like a "X"much bigger,there was no stock backplate i think,just some metal under the socket,but you know,it's like a credit card,the gold thing, it's in the card,same hight,no screws.

Anyway i read that a small bending of the card is not a problem,anyway i didnt have any problems to screw back the motherboard.I can tell you there was no screws at the back of the motherboard,the socket holes were empty and there was no movable plate.

For a pic it will be hard i don't have a cam right now.. here are parts

CMHD.TV - Hyper 612 PWM Installation Guide - YouTube

I installed it like the guy,but right in the middle of the hole of the CPU cooler backplate,as you can see ,there is metal, a bit like him,but it's small and not removable.

I hope that was clear enough ,sry for mistakes

Edit,here is the metal part i'm talking about
As you can see it's small and these are not really screws,and i didn't have problems to install the CPU cooler backplate.

The only problem is the height of the cooler backplate (3:55 on video) now you know everything :D

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