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yeah hellfire rings can be quite amazing actually. you just require some luck.

I was wondering if anyone had any advice for my monk now, got a few upgrades and I think its time to just save shit loads of money again but advice on what I should be looking for would be very grateful again. Ideally I'm looking to increase my dps by another 20k and then I'll be satisfied with it.

Natasha | Monk | Diablo 3 DPS & EHP Calculator is my current gear. I think Ring1 and the amulet are the biggest opportunities for pure dps gain but I'm not entirely sure of the stats I am looking for on them.
I also want to eventually upgrade my relentless assault to be able to have a gem, vile wards to have vit or life % and the witching hour to have dex and some defensive stats. Is that a plan, I think i'm looking at many hundred millions for these upgrades in total though.
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