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I understand to a degree, for me this will be 100% a space sim. But this is Cryengine, an engine designed primarily FOR fps, Cytek has done all the heavy lifting for the fps, all Chris really has to do for it is skin up a few of the guns, give them nice energy effects and voila done.

The only reason that Chris didnt show off the FPS stuff at the launch video was that a Scar would have looked out of place. FPS was always going to happen in the S42 missions from what I have read, its just being expanded a degree to help immersion, and appeal to a large part of the community as well, first thing one of my friends asked when I told him about this was about boarding and if it was possible.

Boarding other ships is going to be extremely hard, you need to upgrade your ship specifically for it, then you have to be able to completely disable the enemy ship without them just shutting down systems to play possum and then only ships like the Constellation and above can be boarded. Its not going to be a focus of the game and its not really going to become relevant until you get bigger, capital ships, if you have a Hornet or the like you will not see it at all.

Also they've added some Freelancer artwork as well, you can vote on which design they will end up using. Personally I'm option 1
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