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My System Specs


OK,i meant accidental thermal paste print on the back of the motherboard ,because i had a bit on my fingers,but it's on a blue plastic part,with not metal at all but i cleaned it with my fingers, it's just a bit grey now, but it's almost invinsible.

strandoffs are not the problem,there was no default backplate,just a bright metal part at the back of the CPU,because i had a clip heatsink from intel, the problem is that the standoffs are not high enough for the new backplate i had to use ,and there is no hole for backplate with my computer case,so it's a bit bend, and the standoffs don't touch the back of the case,but only the new cooler backplate,that was made to mount AMD + intel,so ,this was not a flat backplate,but it's really just bend of 1 or 2mm. There was no prob to screw the backplate, just had to bend motherboard when i rescrewed it,Anyway;a motherboard looks rock solid.

One last thing,i plugged the fan of the cooler in a "sys fan" 3 pin connector,not the CPU fan controller (4 pin)
But it's a 120mm fan that uses a silencer (900rpm) so i think the fan speed is not programmed to vary,so i plugged it in a 3pin,the fan on the cooler is a 3 pin by default anyway, you think it's ok?
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