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Ram, Is the Ram in a macbook pro the same as a PC laptop or does Mac do some stupid shit to the Dimms to make you need to buy theirs?

Here: Memory for MacBook, MacBook Pro 2GB, 4GB, 8GB & Now 16GB - OWC Certified RAM for Apple Mac with Lifetime Warranty that should be helpful... :) )I have some cheap ram from computerbay thanks to amazon... and has been working 100% fine on my late 2011 15"MBP for about a year now..

you should look for compatible sticks by looking into the model your interested in...

Hard Drive upgrade, If I was to upgrade the harddrive in my macbook pro is there a way to transfer OS from one to the other easily or would I need to buy OSX again?

Same as a pc... asuming you have the discs... if not i think there are ways but i've never tried... cloning the data from one hdd to another?

How would Apple know if I was to install the ram and hard drive myself and void the warranty? If I was to reinstall the original equipment before taking it in for warranty service would it pass? I know with iphones they have that retarded Blue dye at the bottom that tells them if you ever had it outside on a humid day or in the bathroom during a shower that voids your warranty.

They wouldn't, as far as I know you dont void the warranty by opening the machine... At least on late 2011 MBP's... all you need to do is unscrew like 16 screws from the bottom of the unibody and you have clear access to the ram sticks...

You can always go in and ask :D Provided they know their stuff they should be helpful... (where I live most of the time I know more than the guy trying to sell something to me... and I dont know crap xD, so I always do a TON of reading beforehand)

Hope any of that helped :)
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