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Default Couple Questions about Macs

I'm not really overly familiar with Macs. I can use them but never really played around with upgrading them and such. so I have a few questions that might sound stupid but i'd rather know before I spend Money

Ram, Is the Ram in a macbook pro the same as a PC laptop or does Mac do some stupid shit to the Dimms to make you need to buy theirs?

Hard Drive upgrade, If I was to upgrade the harddrive in my macbook pro is there a way to transfer OS from one to the other easily or would I need to buy OSX again?

How would Apple know if I was to install the ram and hard drive myself and void the warranty? If I was to reinstall the original equipment before taking it in for warranty service would it pass? I know with iphones they have that retarded Blue dye at the bottom that tells them if you ever had it outside on a humid day or in the bathroom during a shower that voids your warranty.

Thanks for the help!
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