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My System Specs


Sorry,but i realized that the meaning of "stupid" is softer in french I didn't want to use a bad word or to say anything inapropriate, would traduce like "what a pity" or "dommage" in french,I didn't mean stupid,like "idiot",and "stupide" means both in french.I take my english grammar and i come back when i know it

Yep i forgot 2560x1600.Was thinking of 1080p, Forgot to mention that.That's stupid of me .I knew that 2560x1600 destroys FPS.

Still, if you get 1080p,better get 120hz.Alse renember that you will need vsync, and in massive gaming epic moments, the FPS may not stay perfectly smooth because of the lock of 60 FPS.more than 60 is nicer.

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