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Originally Posted by Pabz0r545 View Post
Really your reply to someone answering your thread is cool story bro?

I don't know if you are troll or not. SHould I tell you or are you going to just cool story bro it?>
Originally Posted by Bloodystumps View Post
I have a feeling he doesn't know what Dazmode is and being a one word reply he blew it off with "cool story bro" LOL I don't blame him , some times its hard enough getting what you are concentrating on to have to decipher a the meaning of a one word post .

JD has the fix that would be the way I'd do it
Although that's a nice way to put it, it's not entirely true. I googled it and searched the site, but carried nothing I was looking for. So either the guy didn't read my post or didn't check the site. Either way, unhelpful nonetheless.

Originally Posted by lowfat View Post
You don't crimp SATA cables, at least not those kind. You also will not be able to buy them in Canada AFAIK. Performance PCs, Frozen CPU and MDPC-X all sell them. I am going to start to sound like a fanboy here, but honestly the MDPC-X ones much higher quality if you care for that. They are the only company I've found that uses actual Molex brand SATA connectors.

How many do you need and where do you live? If you just need a handful, I can probably give you a bunch of the non-Molex ones since I only use Molex.
Thaks dude, but I'm in BC.

Yeah, crimp is probably the wrong word for that. I guess all I need the right angled connectors with the pins inside. Because as JD said, my case has different spacing.

Anyway, going to just buy these cables and take the connectors off them to make my own.
For only $1.65 each when QTY 50+ purchased - 24inch 4pin MOLEX Male to (4) 15pin SATA II Female Power Cable (Net Jacket) | Serial ATA / SATA Power Cables
Seems like the cheapest way to actually get connectors.

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