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Originally Posted by Masteroderus View Post
The only problem with the dcuII as opposed to say, a sapphire toxic phase change cooler is the exhaust doesn't get channeled out of the case as much. There is a whole lot more hot air being blown off the card and into your case.

I think the best approach is to have a good exhaust fan (cpu exhaust fan) and then make sure there is strong positive pressure in the case.

If you can put a large 230mm fan, or a couple of 140mm/120mm fans right over the video cards it should help a lot.

Could you possibly post a pic of your rig? I have only seen one rig with 2xDCUII cooler cards and it looked awesome.
I posted a pic in the case thread

Case Pics

Yes these cards do not exhaust as much as they should, and the back plates get hot even with decent air flow over them. right now with a custom fan profile 100% fan will keep the cramped card at 77ish. 100% fan speed is not my idea of tranquil though. I have put a small rubber foot between the two cards and screwed them in such a way to allow the largest gap between the cards. I should have gone with gigabyte cards to allow for a full slot space between the two. but I was sucked in by marketing of 3 slot massive coolers. There were a few other problems with the TOP cards as well, voltage locking
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