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My System Specs


well, I am not a music or sound nut, and depending on your setup will depend on different needs thats a given.

Though windows XP made a good soundcard far better to have vs onboard, and yes the best onboard from realtek or asus is actually pretty darn good, discrete soundcards still hold thier own.

I suppose something like the ROG thunderbolt sound thingy is one thing, but, mobo makers are generally going to give you sound, not the best of it.

I know even for my "cheap" headset, going with onboard vs a soundcard, there is a very pronounced difference, I can only imagine what it would be like with an expensive set and all the right parts.

There is those standalone dac units that boost the sound and decode it to feed it to headsets or amplifiers I forget the name of them, but apprently they are top notch as well.
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