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My System Specs


So I have a 100 dollar credit at NCIX and I'm not sure what to do with it for this build. There is nothing I really NEED so I'm thinking a) physX card, b) 2nd ssd and raid?, c) mechanical keyboard

As for PhysX I don't know if it's worth it. Will it make much of a difference in gaming? benchmarks? I don't benchmark a ton but I like to overclock and measure my epeen every once in a while. Will I see much benefit? I would then want to water cool it which would cost prob around an extra hundred eventually with waterblock and fittings.

2nd ssd. I don't know anything about raid arrays but I am sure I can easily learn. Is it worth it? Will I notice a difference in speed? I mean does it really get any faster then a single ssd? I don't care for the extra storage but speed is good. Do I have to get 2 identical SSD's?

Mechanical keyboard. I have never used one in my life. I don't know of the glory. I've done a bit of reading and watching videos and I think I would like the brown switches. No clue though. Should I get one? Recommendations? I would like to say under $150 for this preferably under or close to $100 though. To add I have a decent non mechanical keyboard that still works fine and has lasted around 7000 ladder matches of sc2.

So any input would be greatly appreciated guys. I don't want to burn this 100 bucks.
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