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Question Camtasia Recorder, Disappearing Act - How to Get it Back ?

I am using Camtasia 6, which is about a 2009 vintage. I have the full licensed version, but I moved recently, and haven't found all my CD's in the pile of computer stuff, so I just use a full-function 30 day demo, same Revision.

Anyway, I am trying to do a full-screen capture - which may be my problem. I just realized I've never had a problem doing a partial-screen capture.

So, I start the recorder for a full-screen capture. And then - the Recorder window goes away. When I can't find it, I eventually re-boot.

It leaves this big Humongo file from the capture, which is also un-delete-able.

In Windows, when I open the task manager, Camtasia will show up as one ap under the 'Applications' tab.

The applications tab is handy because it has a "Switch to" feature that allows you to "bring back" the disappeared window.

In the Services tab, Camtasia shows up as 2 separate processes. So I can kill the Recorder process, but the parent Camtasia program continues.

So, basically, I have 2 questions -

1/ How do you 'get back' the Recorder window, after it disappears during a full-screen capture ? I've tried everything on the parent Camtasia program & nothing works.

2/ How do you delete the big files left over from unsuccessful Camtasia sessions ? The computer says it can't delete it, even after reboot.
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