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Default <$100 gaming headset

Hey everyone. I have been recently commenting on some other audio threads and it got me thinking it is time to upgrade my headset. Its used solely for gaming (after the kids and wife are in the day I use my 5.1 setup), so must sound good, and have a built in mic. Can't say I have kept up to date these, so help is much appreciated. Prefer wired, but a good deal on wireless would be fine. A quick look on NCIX shows me a few that I remember, and some newer ones I am not familiar with.

Some options I saw are Logitech G35 or G930, Corsair vengeance 1300 or 1500 or maybe 2000, older Corsair HS1 (currently on sale for only $50), Razer Banshee headset (looks like a gimmick to me), Roccat Kave ROC-14-500 (a bit expensive, but may go on sale), Creative Labs Sound Blaster Tactic360, etc. That is just what I noticed, but I am open to any and all headsets from any large box store/NCIX/memoryexpress/etc.

I am not loyal to a certain brand, and value only sound quality and comfort secondary. I am after a full size headset.

This is to replace an excellent sounding Panasonic full size headset (no mic and 6 years the end of its life), and a smaller Sennheiser set with a mic (sounds decent, and works, but its not good enough).

EDIT: more to add to the list from suggestions below Siberia V2, and Sennheiser 330
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