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to answer your two questions, currently I have a xonar DG and i use JBL creature iii speakers, and going from onboard to sound card was very minute improvement. Its hard to compare the sound of the speakers. The reason would be that the sound card is going through a sub woofer which then amplifies the sound and then I get the output, hence in a speaker setup not much difference would be seen, unless you can spend on getting better speakers. That should answer your first question.

For your second question, yes it is possible. As you know, that the xonar dg also has a Front I/O audio connector as well? Well, then use the ports on the back of the sound card for your 5.1 setup, and then the front I/O for headphone and Microphone. Simple?

Again for headphones, I am currently using a sennheiser HD 201[pretty crappy for the xonar dg] and hence I am gonna get a nice pair next month. I am also looking for some headphone that will support more that 64ohms power. But yea, depends.

Hence, for a sound card, you will need some good headphones and speakers to actually feel the difference.
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