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Default Fractal Design Define XL Alternative?

I'm thinking about buying the Fractal Design Define XL for the following reasons:

- Price, Only 150USD
- Has a basement to separate my liquid cooling from the rest of the computer (for the sake of looks)
- Has a full side panel, so I can cut it and modify for a window and vent my rad
- Plenty of room on the passenger side for cable management
- Removable drive cages without having to do any cutting
- Room! Lots and Lots of ROOM!
- Nice and Plain, I hate flashy cases.

So here is my question, I haven't come across one yet, but anyone have any suggestions for a case they would recommend that would meet my above criteria? The side panel is important to me, because I'm wanting to do something different with the window that I can't do with a window that's already there. I would like to keep it under 200USD, so any suggestions or preferred cases that you would use?
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