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Default Sound card help needed


Currently using a MSI G43 Mobo, and I'm looking to buy either Asus Xonar DG 5.1, OR The Asus Xonar DGX 5.1....Whats the different? There only a couple of difference, but wanted to know :)

Secondly I'm using a 4H headset for gaming / music and for films I'm using a TV through HDMI.

Heres my main questions:

1. Will the Asus Xonar DG 5.1 be good for running decent logitech speakers? Like $50 2.1's?
2. Can I run 5.1 speakers and a headset and mic from a 5.1 sound card?

Given what you know about my sound setup, what should I buy? Should I buy a sound card + decent headphones and use the 4h for the mic? Or should I get a better headset + Soundcard? ;/ OR should I get a nice speaker setup? :/

Sorry thats alot, really need to know where to put my money for good sound....I want to spend around $90 us dollars:)

Thanks in advance!
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