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Default OEM cards?

Can you not buy OEM cards?

I want the cheapest Kepler (Nvidia) video card but after looking at the wiki, the cheapest looks to be a GT 640 (need GK107).

I imagine none of these would be for sale in B&S section, right?

I think new, it's $75 - $80?

I want to buy one for my bday but I have to settle for early Dec. :-)

The OEM cards are in the Asian market or something? I'm just wondering what that is about.

I assume the retail ones are anything listed that doesn't have 'OEM' beside it?

I think the GT 630 that are Kepler cards are ONLY OEM as I couldn't find any pci-x 3.0 GT 630 cards available in Canada. Even when a vendor has it showing 3.0, when you investigate further (by going to the manuf. web page, for e.g.), you discover the info was false.

Oh well... I was just curious. Perhaps, I should search the forums...maybe a similar topic was posted once upon a time? :)

Thanks in advance for any info.
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