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Glad to hear that you got it back. I had a similiar experience a few months ago, I received two emails back to back in russian/english saying "Your email address was changed" "Your password was changed." I disregarded it thinking it was a phising email, however I was then unable to login to origin/bf3.
I had sunk 100$ into BF3 for the game and all expansions packs, and was not too happy, however 15min later I was up and running.
I was concerned that the account would be used to test hacks and pbbanned, however it seems that some noob was playing, with a very low score per minute. This leads me to believe that whoever got control of the account "sold" it to someone cheap, then I got it back, leaving the victim out of their cash.

In order to protect against this, EA should have disallowed changing the email address without comfirming the change of email address from your actual email. If people are changing the email because they lost access to the email account, they could phone EA to confirm their identity and make the change.
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