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My System Specs


So I ditched X79... because I bought a GA-Z77X-UP4 TH for $120 and picked up a 3770K.
Didn't "need" the extra memory capacity and graphics lanes.
Saved the extra cash for the watercooling setup and some pretty Dominator Platinums (8GBx2, DDR3-1600 and 9-9-9-24).

As a gift, I was also given a...

(*drum rolls*)

... Case Labs M8.
Always wanted a cube case and the significant other decided to be very generous.
And now of course the watercooling setup will change.


Originally Posted by Liu Kang View Post
Dual loops = 2 pumps, 2 reservoirs, etc. A lot to fit in that case of yours.

480 worth of rad should be fine to cool those parts, and you can easily run pump>rads>cpu>gpu1>gpu2>reservoir>pump and get good results.

The key to a good WC build is the ease with which you can drain/fill your loop. Not an easy task with a bay reservoir. Consider a drain and fill line...

Good luck.
Liu Kang (or anyone with an answer), if I want to keep the Koolance bay reservoir and mount (2) 360 radiators on the bottom of the Case Labs M8, how do you think I should setup the drain ports?

I do not anticipate filling being a problem, the Koolance bay reservoir will be the highest point and is easy accessible for filling (front and top openings).

Should I buy 360 rads with more than two openings and use one of the extra ports for draining?
This seems like the easiest route.
Originally I just wanted to go with (2) RX360s.

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