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Well there were 52ish, but I have since put the side panel back on and lowered fan speeds and seem to be running 59-62. Power jump is crazy as well about 40W jump from 4.6(my first boot) to 5Ghz. I want to try to up the ram and NB and see if it makes any differences in my work.

*** update I set the LLC to high and it actually reduced temps I am back down to high 40's low 50's under 100% load. tried keeping volts down but was forced to run it at 1.5.

Scaling on my system was;
4.6GHZ @ 1.4V
4.8Ghz @ 1.45V
5Ghz @ 1.5V

Didn't touch NB voltages yet, and set LLC to high for 5Ghz didn't need to less then that. My cooling is push pull H100 Noctua fans.

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