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My System Specs

Default Skyrim AMD Optimization and Overclocking

Hello all.

My rig is as described in the forum list. 8150(no oc), 3x 6950 2GB (unlocked to 6970 shaders, clocked 880/5200) and 1333mhz 2x4gig ripjaws that I have had working stable at over 2Ghz with my old am3 (can't remember model, got it to clock to 3.8ghz) with bclk overclocking my crosshair V. HDD is a WD Caviar black 7200rpm. PSU is 1200AX, plenty of juice (just enough cords )

Tower is a 500r with 4x120mm intakes, 1x230mm intake, and 1x120mm exhaust. 2 of the 120mm intakes are aftermarket scythe 100+ CFM intakes, the 230mm is a high static pressure spectre pro. The tower is dead silent when i turn off the scythe fans (or just turn them down), and as loud as my vacuum cleaner when i mine bitcoins (FULL POWER CAPTAIN! ). So I think I got proper airflow to OC with stock cooling a little bit.

I am running the upped texture pack. I had tweaked out skyrim with some online guides but am still only getting ~44 fps ave with a 22 min frame rate in whiterun, runnin from the yarl's place to the front gate (my personal benchmark). The 44 is suprisingly fluid, but it jitters a tiny tiny bit (microstutter?). I assume this is the 22 fps is causing this minor stutter as indoors there does not seem to be any microstutter.

I digress.

Is there any method(s) to
A: minimize micro stutter
B: Overclock something to get a sizable gain?

Also, with only 2GB video memory and 1080p resolution am I overreaching trying to run the enhanced texture pack?

I am probably upgrading to a h100(ver 2.0 thingy) this xmas to OC my 8150.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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