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My System Specs

Default Dual Boot

Well my A10 Rig is now a dual boot, Windows 7 Home Premium or Windows 8.

Took better part of the day to load all the drivers & get the downloading of updates (remember I have all of 3 Mbps download out here in the country - some updates like Dirt3 took a couple of hours to download.

So far I've only tested on game Dirt3 and it works great. Didn't test the FPS but the image is very detailed and vivid.

I did buy a Logitech game controller to replace my Thrustmaster wheel - not quite the same but it works just fine. i debated ordering a Razer online but the $29 Logitech was available at Staples and I'm too impatient to wait a week to get a Razer version.

Fort Kent, Alberta

2012 - A10 Rig
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