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My System Specs


That build looks solid, nothing major needs changing. IB produces less heat than SB processors but oddly enough, it has higher temps. I'd say that the CM Hyper212 Evo is enough but that depends on the ambient temp of where you are. If it is low, it should give you ample headroom to 4.2-4.5GHz. If it isn't, 4.5GHz will be a stretch. Whether the ambient temps are low or high, you have a TJmax of 105C on the IB which is a decent amount of headroom.

I wouldn't say that 16GB is necessary as a form of future proofing as 8GB is plenty. Its only useful if you have specific task that requires a ton of RAM and most games aren't there yet in a few years time. If you have the money and you think you want 16GB, go for it. RAM is so cheap these days I don't see the need for me to suggest against it.
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