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Originally Posted by low351 View Post
Update: a year later

I applied for and received an RMA for this pump, but I never sent it because they required that I send it in and wait until they receive it before sending me a replacement. Like I said, I bought a Hyper 212+ to put in while sending it and the temps were better and there was no noise so I put the H50 in a box and let it drop...

Terribly disappointed. I really wanted to use the H50. Now a year later I've bought a corsair 500R case and it has a nice slot for an H100 but I've been reading online that THEY have the same noise problem.

I'm trying the H50 again but if I was practical I'd just get myself a Titan Fenrir (reportedly better than 212+) and be done with it. Problem is I like aesthetics and I find the Fenrir cheesy looking. Silly me.

Corsair needs to do two things.

1) Send the replacement part first and then receive the defective one. Charge my credit card if I don't return it, that's what others do.
2) Fix the damn problem in the first place. If you google Corsair pump noise you turn up all kinds of unhappy.
Its interesting that you have still had these issues, since the H100 is not made by Astek whom made your H50 its a totally different pump. Now, they have a mix of both OEM's. Different pumps and heads too.


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