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Originally Posted by JD View Post
This looks like the low-end LSI cards, it likely does not have hardware XOR ("RAID Engine") so RAID5 is always going to have terrible write speeds. It also lacks any onboard cache as well. This is a HBA product rather than a ROC product.

I would suggest doing RAID10 instead and just suck up some of the storage loss. You'll get the performance at least. Otherwise, look into buying a proper RAID controller.

My only other thought, was the array fully initialized? That should take a couple days at your capacity.
Thx, guys for all the tips, best feedback forum there is, i can tell you that!

Ok, i called Intel and the guy said some bullshit that the raid card wasn't test it with that specific server board and all, just pissed me off. I don't know if the drive is full initialized, would i be able to move files to the array if they haven't been? I'm copying some files to it and its 28MB/s tops, like the ATTO bench says.
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