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Default EVGA Time zone contest proposal

OK guys new proposal on the books here

Just had a talk with troy8d

current contest format

this will change under inter-team (you fold under your own team number)
prizes are internal for moment - your team captains can talk to us about this

we would be willing to implement inter-team play now if you wish
(you fold for your team ) put we use your EOC to collect stats for the Timezones

so you be fighting your bros/sisters/fellow members from your other timezones

we need to know ASAP
we can delay the contest to get other teams onboard

[H],OCF had indicated some interest too

Ill be posting this on their forums too

if you wish to delay/wait til next year we understand or not wishing to join that's fine
(feeling inter-team contest wreck things ...we understand that too)

so this is up to you guys

your team loses nothing - points still go to your team
all that is gained if friendship , a little fun and some slagfest even against your own members

if you guys wish I was not chattering some babble and coming here to wreck your harmonious forums then you can banish me to some belching pot of goo

I just wish we had more time to work this out with your leaders

talk quick and get a hold of us at EVGA
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