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Default Is the stock Intel fan noisy?

hey guys, I have something really disturbing in my case, it's a fan that makes really loud noise on ilde at some angles ,i hear like some ultrasounds,well not really ultrasounds but the highest noise in my PC, do you think it's the intel fan? because i checked my 250mm fan, it's totally quiet and my cases's fans are also quiet,and i have silent wings in the PSU. All those fans just make air blowing noise so i was thinking about the intel fan, because it's small, or the GPU fans.

i tried to start computer without GPU power cables but i forgot that the PCIe gives energy to the card,and the funniest thing is that the card started with 100% fans but i'm too lazy to unscrew it etc...

So, do you know if it's the windforce fans on idle or the intel heatsink stock cooler that makes that noise? Actually you can't hear the noise, it's just after an hour you wanna say SHUT UP to the computer..

The noise is also making metallic resonance that oscillates... Can sombody tell me if the intel fan is noisy or if it only blows air? because im about to order a cooler master hyper 612 pwm...

and btw,there is still the noise when i turn gpu fans to 50%,same note. like FUUUUUFUUFUUUUUUUFUUUUUUUUFUFUFUFUFFUUFUUUUUUUU ( that's the noise you hear after an hour and you never forget it)
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