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Originally Posted by fridge2far View Post
Hi JD, I noticed there's no FM tuner in CM9..
I looked for an app that can do the same on Google Play but can't find anything, any idea how can I get a FM tuner on CM9?
It seems that they removed the FM tuner hardware from later models (SG2 and 3) but our model has the hardware to support it :)
Honestly, never used FM radio, but I'm fairly sure there's apps out there for it. Try searching XDA forums perhaps?

Originally Posted by Martin2theMax View Post
Well just a little update, rebooting the phone and entering root explorer again suddenly I can see /system and the file in question. Edited and now S-Voice loads. Haven't been able to make it work quite properly yet.
Honestly, why bother with S-Voice? I had it on my SGS3 and it is nothing special. Google Now/Voice Search is much better IMO. It comes with Jellybean if that's what you're running.

Originally Posted by mhil View Post

I followed all the steps in Phase R and now it's just hanging - downloading screen is on, Odin says "setup connection.." and...nothing. For hours! What to do, what to do? :-) Hope I haven't bricked it. Any and all help is much appreciated!

Thank you all!

Also trying Darkyrom resurrection, but not loading either!
Could you post a screenshot of Odin?
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