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My System Specs


Woah i don't know... it's a single fan model right? i think it would work,you would have to remove the cover. If you dare to dismount your cards,why not, then take the pcb and throw it in it..
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Keep in mind that dual fan is generally more noisy than single fan :P the reference card is very quiet...I don't know the noise of EVGA fans.

Also make sure that the temperatures stay normal, it's not a reason to push them too much ,stay under 80c.And no extreme overclocking ,because you have been running them very hot ,for a long time??? if it's just a month with those temps it's ok but well, a year burning them and now overclocking them to death,I don't know.Because i need to tell you that 97c was total burning,really terrible. don't be hard with em :P...i mean, if you get 80 - 100 mhz more on the core,be happy^^

Normally, if you are reasonable on the voltage, like 37 or 50 more millivolts,you could do that and the temps would not really increase, like 3-5c maybe... i suggest to overclock them the same,better for SLI.So their power is the same in games and it's more stable.So if the top card is too hot, don't push the coolest card,stay with same overclock. seriously if you want good cooler,go with the Zalman even if it's expensive,but i think you can get some for 50 bucks...
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