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Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
Because not everybody has gaming as their first PC focus. I fold (well Boinc at the moment) 24/7 and current AMD processors cannot hold a candle to intel procs when it comes to working flat out 100% across all cores.

I'd also question your assertion WRT gaming. There's more to gaming than just what FPS the card is able to put out, CPU ability has a lot to do with playability as well.

Simply put, outside of a few applications which may or may not improve if/when programs can take advantage of PD's strong points intel's current pricing makes it difficult for AMD to compete on the desktop market unless they step up their game. For standard desktops, there is an intel product close to the same price point that outperforms AMD products by a wide margin. The question isn't "what's good enough?", it's "Why wouldn't you spend an extra $10 to get greatly improved performance?"
I would not agree that if you have all game settings to uber high and you constanly get 100 fps average and minimal of 60 there is anything else you can or would need. And true, not everything is about gaming, just brought that up because its a major "fact" use by Intel lovers. And the truth never only has one side, there's multiple truths. (aka, you can game just as well with certain Amd as with certain Intels)(can you deny this? )

And also true, as I said before, Intels are better, much more than I would like. But also true that what I or you would need is sort of specialized and I and you are not the majority of users. That is why AMD still exists, still makes chips, because as Perineum said, some need a car that gets them reasonably fast from A to B. I might like and want a Lamborghini, but since I cant afford one I go for a Lancer Evo, still a good car, still fast, still fun to drive from A to B. And for most the extra x percent they cant feel or use is just not relevant at all. Cost is. And its still cheaper to buil a Adm setup than a Intel for certain things. So everybody buys what they need, some of us can afford to buy what we dont really need but what makes us happier, ie better benchmarks, cause we would not have this conversation if we wouldnt watch those benchmarks like they would be the 10 commandments

And last, I really hope AMD gets back on track cause that will be gold for all of us
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