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Originally Posted by Anton View Post
Thank's for the reply's guy's, the fx4100 has been a cpu that i have had my eye on but some people are saying clock for clock that the phenom ii x4 965 is a better option as it is faster, i found this hard to believe at first because it was simple a newer cpu, whats you're guy's option on this? i also have noticed the fx6100 and fx 4300 vashera? did i say that right? are also out now.
Bulldozer CPUs may be newer than the previous Phenom IIs but bear in mind that they are different. Since you've not followed the whole Bulldozer drama, I'll give a simple explanation. Phenom IIs have a full sized core, I'll give a value of 1. Bulldozer cores are different, they have about the value of 0.8 or 80% of the performance of what it used to be. So essentially you're getting less performance compared to its predecessor.

I wouldn't suggest against getting an AMD Bulldozer based rig as it is pretty cheap after a couple of price cuts. There are many reviews out there regarding the FX4100, I'll let the numbers speak for themselves. Either way, you'll get a decent rig.
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