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I do not get one thing, lets say you are a gamer, and you want to play game x at the best possible quality, you can go either Intel or AMD if you know what you buy. You get THE SAME EXACT EXPERIENCE!!!
If your game gets 60+ frames at max quality than that is the best your brain can physically process, and those frames can be achieved by either Intel or Amd. And thats a fact nobody can deny.
I sometimes feel that people who must have an Intel talk like their whole day is all about doing video encoding/decoding, where the couple of seconds extra are something that is the difference between life and death. I can understand people who work with certain apps in which Intels gets an extra 10-20% in speed, so less time. But those a a huge minority.
I also agree that Intel outpeforms AMD in almost every department, but who really, I mean really needs that extra? You dont need it in gaming, and thats the best argument Intel fans have. You want to tell me you bother about the difference from 110 fps to 117 fps? Or from 80 fps to 84 fps? You bother, your brain doesnt cause it dose not perceived the difference.

So why all of this? Simply because some people want to have what it best out there, but who dont want to acknowledge that they can get WHAT THEY NEED with both chips. Call it macho-way-of-life :)) I have a Intel that does 10% extra, or 15%, or 20%, but it does not really matter, I cant feel the difference, but I have the longest...processor :))))

I have both Amd and Intel over the years, now I have a Phenom II X4 955 BE coupled with a 7870 for gaming, both overclocked, (not because I need it, the overclock I mean, but for the actual fun of overclocking), and there is NO GAME out there I cant play maxxed out at the best possible framerate. None! Before this I have A C2D 6550, and I went for the AMD because it had the extra performance and offered me everything I need at a quite cheaper price than a possible Intel part.

So I really dont understand people who do not go for what they need, but for what is longer...thicker and better in benchmarks :)))
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