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Sleeving USB 3.0 front headers. I haven't seen anyone make a tutorial on how to do it, and it was quite a task, let me tell you.

The main problem, is that you either need large sleeve to go over the motherboard connector, or, you need to modify the headers because the casings are heat-sealed after they are installed on the header.

So, we cut both side with an exacto knife, leaving both screw mounts intact. Cut below and above it. You have to go fairly deep, but ensure you aren't cutting any wires. There's also hot clue on the wiring/connector to keep everything in place. When you remove the connector from the casing, you've gotta be careful, otherwise it the connector will come apart.

After it's removed, you just use your MDPC USB sleeve to sleeve the cable. Placing the casing back on the connector takes a bit of work, just make sure you put your heatshrink ON before the casings. Once the casings are on, then you can torch your heatshrink.

Just waiting for the Heatshrink to cool down to hit it again to make sure it's nice and form-fitting.

The Hue Lighting system.

Fans prepped for cleaning of where the Gelid decals were. Custom stickers are on order :

Starting on tubing. Those Monsoon compressions look really sexy.

And now I await my GPU back from RMA, and perhaps there's a little something something coming this week. :)

The Custom front panel should be here today or tomorrow, so that will be test-fitted and the project box for the lighting completed as well.
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