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Originally Posted by Martin2theMax View Post
Hey this works brilliantly! Love it. Wondering if you can help me a little further. I now have jelly bean running on my GT-I9000M Bell phone. I downloaded a installed and it loads but I get a network error when trying to use. Found that to fix the error one must edit the build.prop file to fake being an S3. I can't find that file even when using root access in the file browser. Instructions suggest its located under the /system folder but I see no such folder. Do you have this working and how to fix?

Much appreciated. CyanoGenMod rocks! Simplest way to upgrade the phone. Tried others and they all either were ridiculously complex or simply failed. This was simple no BS just worked. Awesome job!
Play Store -> build prop editor by nathan campos

I really don't suggest faking your phone type as this could potentially lead to problems down the road.
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