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My System Specs


Congratz,that is absolutly perfect,even i'd say quite cold for a SLI setup,your coolest card is like my single card.. this is great.yea be softer on the curve.Mine is perfect, i'll tell you :

(0 - 30)c = 40%
(30-40)c = (40% - 43%)
(40-50)c = (43% - 50%)
(50-80)c = (50% - 90%)
80+ = 100%

This forces the card to stay under 65 in all games exept crysis = (68c after 1 hour) and it's not very noisy to have 65% fans on my card!, i don't know for yours but i think the default fan monitoring curve is the same for any card right? you should try this.

Now you can overclock your card without problem Btw,after all you did , i think it could be cooler, my case only has 2x 120mm + 1x 240mm and it's like your coolest cards,EVGA fans are not the best... but the most important thing is that you are safe now, and yes , if you want,you can overclock,just make sure to stay with safe temps

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