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My System Specs


Okay, thanks for the feedback. I took care of the problem. First, I completely took apart my computer. I used a dremel and drill and made space for more fans & bigger fans. I bought 6 new fans, 3-140mm & 3-120mm. I installed 2-140mm fans in the front as intakes and a 120mm on the side panel blowing directly onto the graphic cards. For exhaust I put a 140mm on top and 2-120mm fans configured to push & pull through the radiator and out the back. I also cleaned up all the cables to allow maximum airflow through the case. It's been a really fun project these past few days and I've learned a lot. Once everything was installed, I customized all the case fan & cpu fan settings. I then downloaded the MSI Afterburner software and tweaked the graphic cards fans by following the guide on the first post in this section. BTW, thank you for that tutorial/guide, it was very helpful. So, for the conclusion, I went from 97deg.C (top card) / 89deg.C (bottom card), to 70deg.C (top) / 65deg.C (bottom). That's 27deg.C cooler on the top card!!! 24deg.C cooler on the bottom! Also, because of the fans I used, the system is actually a lot more silent when I'm not gaming. During gaming the EVGA GTX 570 fans quite loud. The way I configured the fan curve, the top card peaked at 77% (3930 RPM) when the temp reached 70deg. Now I'm thinking of going a little less aggressive with the fan curve to reduce some of the noise.
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