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A good rule of thumb (very general, don't start spamming me about how this doesn't apply) when building a system is price points. Now, I'm in the States, but if I'm not mistaken, 450 euro is just shy of 600 usd. So if you are going to spend 165 on a gpu expect to spend ABOUT the same on your cpu (just shy). So if you are spending 165 on your gpu, your price point for the cpu would be about 100-120 to get a cpu that will compliment your other hardware. This isn't science, it's just a generalizations.

So expect something like this:
CPU: 100-120
GPU: 150-200
MB: 50-80
RAM: 15-30
PSU: Don't skimp on clean power

Like I said, thats a generalization, but if you look at other builds on here, and pay attention to the quality setup's you will notice a ratio on price that kind of looks like the above. You'll know you are cheeping yourself out on a part when you are spending WAY more on one part than what you are willing to spend on the rest of the computer. As for running BF3 on high, probably not. You will notice frame loss and lag, but that will also depend on your network connection.

I base my builds on 4 things, I start with Compatibility, then Performance, then Aesthetics (If windowed), and then Price. If price is most important to you, then I would recommend Compatibility, Price, Performance. Since I always start with my CPU, I'll toss out a CPU that might give you what you want but sticks to your price point, and let you go from there:
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