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Personally stay away from WD and RAID unless you do go RED. The blue and greens both spin down and do stupid power saving things that knock them out of an array. (yes there is a way to stop them from doing this, but its quite the hassle in my opinion) The RED does not do this, and does not get booted out of the array. I have been running Hitachi drives(part of WD now) and unless they have changed designs to be more like the WD line they don't break arrays with power features.

If you run a motherboard array don't go RAID 5 as onboard raid controllers, even the intel ones blow chunks when you start getting into real work like RAID 5. Stay RAID 1 for onboard with you hot spare idea, if you want get a dedicated RAID card with cache for RAID 5.

Personally if you have the budget for a dedicated RAID card I would go with the 5xx intel drives. I have found LSI and highpoint(cheap and almost as good in a desktop) to be decent cards. Adaptec makes good cards but you can run into issues and I would not advise an Adaptec card in a desktop right now just asking for trouble.
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