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Xbox 360 is doing alright:

Xbox 360 shines bright in otherwise dismal game market | Microsoft - CNET News

One of the problems in the games industry is that it has become so massive. Budgets are massive, teams are massive, and because games take years to complete, the risks are also massive--look at how much the tech industry has changed the past 3-5 years.

Phones and tablets don't just have Microsoft spooked; game publishers and investors are equally spooked. Factor in the poor economy and it's not at all surprising that the industry has been milking existing consoles instead of investing in new platforms.

Another consideration is that the "core" gaming market for consoles has been stagnate in terms of attracting new audiences. Depending on the methodology, the average age of the core gamer is 30-38. To me, that suggests fragility. How much longer are old guys like me going to keep paying? How much longer can we keep playing before we're RSI'd out?

Big considerations when you're the one making the decision to greenlight a 50-100 million dollar title or billion dollar console launch.

Personally, I think that as the currently fast development of mobile tech slows down, people will again have more time and money for cutting edge consoles.
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