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Default Please help with budget gaming build!

Hello I have been researching for a long time on the best budget gaming build. I have decided on this AMD build (this is the first time I will build a computer):

What I would plan to do with this build is buy a new video card later on and crossfireX it with the original one. I think that the CPU will last quiet awhile so I won't have to worry about that. Is this build good for what I would like to do (minecraft highest settings, Sony Vegas...) also would it be better to go with this processor or Intel in the same price range? I read on a review on the FX-6300 (which I have in the build) that said it outperformed intel's latest i3s and older i5. A few more questions:
1. Would my CPU be bottlenecked by the graphics card, and if I crossfireX will it be bottlenecked?
2. Would I need an after market CPU fan (I had one added in the build) or since AMD updated their stock fans with the new processors could I just keep the stock and it will run cool?

Could anyone recommend any better parts and is the build compatible, will it run fast? I plan to build this before Christmas so I can wish for the monitor for Christmas, but will have to buy mouse and keyboard, if anyone could suggest a good monitor $100-$200 and a budget gaming mouse and keyboard together >$100
Thanks in advance!
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