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My System Specs


To chime in I have a 50 inch Panasonic plasma, about 3 years old. Still going strong, actually bought it from London Drugs. Its just before the 3D ones came out. Its been great so far and colour etc is still fine. No dead pixels that I can see. It is in our family room which is kinda bright in the summer months. We do get glare from lights and windows. During these winter months not a problem. I also have a friend with one of the latest LED samsung tvs. I find the TV is set to high (maybe vivid) or something, the picture I don't think is as good as my plasma. No matter how he adjusts it, it seems to lack the warmth of our Panasonic. I also find in action movies his still shows blurring at times and not so on the plasma. My preference would still be plasma if you watch a lot of movies, and in a dimly lit room. If its a bright room then go LED and shop around. I think Samsung is pretty good in the LED/LCD market. Hope that helps.

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