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Originally Posted by chrisk View Post
Got a new phone this week. What was the first thing I did? Got root access. Then I installed a launcher (Nova), which sounds eerily like something Start8 does on Win8. Then I installed widgets so that I would easily access functions of the OS, like wifi and screen brightness.

Now, I am looking for a good USB mass storage app so I can use my Android phone in a manner I have for a USB drive on Windows XP. They all seem to need root.

Actually come to think of it, I had to do a heck of a lot of work to get myself happy with my Android OS, to the point of potentially voiding my warranty.
But this is not due to anything lacking in the OS but rather the configuration the Telco provider has made available with the phone. Installing an "unadulterated" version of Android/rooting the phone is simpkly restoring functionality the Telco made unavailable - not that didn't exist in the first place.
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